Why is Delaware County developing a zoning ordinance?

The Delaware County Board of Supervisors has determined that a zoning ordinance is needed to implement the vision outlined in the County’s comprehensive plan and to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the people in the county. The Board will use public input to help develop a zoning ordinance that meets the county’s current and future land use needs.

Where will the proposed zoning ordinance apply?

If adopted by the Delaware County Board of Supervisors, the proposed zoning ordinance will apply to land and structures in located Delaware County outside the corporate limits of a city.

What is the County’s comprehensive plan?

The plan presents a vision for the future, with long-range goals and objectives for all activities that affect growth and development of the county. The plan lays out policy statements regarding land use and how and where public investments should be made.

What is a zoning ordinance?

  • The zoning ordinance is the county’s primary tool for implementing its comprehensive plan.
  • The general purpose of a zoning ordinance is to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the people in a community.
  • If adopted, the proposed zoning ordinance would become a section of Delaware County’s Code and would regulate the development of buildings, activities and land use in the rural (unincorporated) areas of the county.
  • Zoning determines what use you can have on a property such as a house or business. It determines how high a building can be or how far away from the street it should be.
  • Farms and agricultural activities generally are exempt from zoning in the state of Iowa.

How does zoning help communities?

  • Zoning protects property owners from harmful or undesirable uses on adjacent property.
  • Zoning provides orderly development of land for residents, farms, and businesses.
  • Zoning prevents objections to normal and necessary farming operations.